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Treatment couch (white) with carrying bag 22Kg 184 cm x 69cms. £80.00

• 6cm heavy duty easy clean cushion • Stable due to 4 safety locks to stop the couch folding close • Integral face hole for when client is lying on their front • Multiple tilt position for head board. • Perfect solution to the professional mobile therapist or when storage is key within your own home

Single step footstool £10.

Knee support pillow ( for use on couch ) wipe clean cover £10.

3 Shelf glass and stainless steel trolley £20.00

Female Model 46 cm with stand showing meridians and points £8.00

Human Head Model showing points £3.00

Acupuncture Stimulator 4 Channel AWQ - 104E £25.00

( 9v Battery not included)

Acupuncture Palm Size Stimulator 3 Channel IC-1107 £30.00

( 9v Battery not included)

Atlas of Acupuncture Felix Mann £5.00

Set of 3 Glass Acupuncture Cups £4.00

Moxa Smokeless sticks x 3 packs £3.00

Moxa Roll Extinguisher x 3 £1.50 each

4 Tier Acrylic Literature holder x 2 £4. Each

Kimberly - Clark paper towel dispenser + 7 Packs of paper towels £10.00

Needle Trays Small Stainless Steel x 3 £3.00 each

Styla 0.22 x 13 mm 12 Boxes £10.00




The Pocket Guide to Facial Enhancement Acupuncture

Paul Adkins


Auriculotherapy 2nd Edition

P.M.F. Nogier



John R. Cross


Acupuncture The modern Scientific Approach

Anthony Campbell


Basics of Acupuncture

G. Stux & B. Pomeranz


The Acupuncture Treatment of Pain

Leon Chaitow


Pain Churchill's Pocket Book

Catherine F Stannard & Sara Booth


Non-Invasive Acupuncture For everyone

Alan King


Acupuncture Points for TENS

Alan King


Auriculotherapy Manual 2nd Edition

Terry Oleson


£200.00 for equipment and books.

An additional Acupuncture Palm Size Stimulator 3 Channel IC-1107 £30.00

( 9v Battery not included)

Kate Ellis


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