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Questionnaire for Health and Well-being Practitioners

How can we better unite to protect the Complementary and Natural Health Sector?

I am writing to you today to ask for your participation in our Questionnaire for Health and Well-being Practitioners available online here * which is part of the wider Hawthorn Natural Health Initiative (HNHI).

The purpose of the practitioner questionnaire We see the Natural Health and Well-being Sector under attack from many sides. Governments and other decision makers have very little detailed demographic knowledge on what is going on within the Natural Health Movement, viewing it in some quarters very much as a “Cottage Industry”. We aim to address this perception through gaining a greater understanding of the realities of the Natural Health and Well-being sector through our questionnaire, your participation is appreciated.

About the HNHI The Hawthorn Natural Health Initiative is a community of like-minded organisations and individuals that is non-political and non-adversarial, with the principal aim to help promote paradigm change in the way health care is thought about and delivered in the UK today. This aim will be advanced through:

The creation of an umbrella organisation (HNHI) that represents many Associations and Organisations within the Natural Health and Well-being sector, giving a louder voice to the sector as a whole, which may include lobbying. The HNHI website, which will promote research into all forms of natural health, is nearing completion, we will let you know when it goes live.

Big Data Research through an App – GoHawthorn that we believe will provide credible information into the benefits of natural approaches to health and well-being – this is already International in scope.

Your response to the questionnaire will really help all of us gain greater understanding and make a difference to our sector. We would like to thank you in advance for your participation.

With kind regards

Claire Squire Business Services Manager Balens Ltd

*Data Protection: Data will not be personalised, and only used as stated: This data will be used solely to benefit users and providers of Natural Health and Well-being in all forms including CAM Therapists, Health & Well-being Practitioners and Fitness & Yoga Professionals, and not Balens Ltd.

Members of Associations: We have also disseminated the questionnaire to our Associations and Organisations. If you are a member of one of these you may receive the questionnaire twice, please do still complete the questionnaire, it doesn’t matter which of the links you use.

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