Next  Acupuncture Course starts in SEPTEMBER 2021. Details available soon.


Current Course - Starting September 2022


SEPTEMBER           17th and 18th

OCTOBER               8th and 9th          

NOVEMBER            5th and 6th        

DECEMBER             3rd and 4th       

JANUARY 2023      14th and 15th

FEBRUARY              18th and 19th

MARCH                   25th and 26th

APRIL                       EXAM 15th

MAY                         13th AGM/Graduation


September 2023  Details available shortly



Refresher Course for Ex-Members

This is designed so that you can join the group at points where you feel will be optimum for self benefit.  Please see the Fees and Finance page for costings and details. The dates will be the same as the Acupuncture Course above.


Next Facial Acupuncture Course (Post Grad only)


Dates :-  TBA

To apply, please log in to your Members Blog area.